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Renderforest Review

Renderforest founded by Narek Safaryan in 2013. Company headquarter in Paruyr Sevak 11/1 Yerevan, Armenia. Renderforest provide most advanced tools to users for create high quality videos, animation, intros and professional websites very smoothly. Renderforest is a professional online service that also helps you make slideshow, presentations, music visualizations, make logo and create mockups. Looking for professional animation videos. You came across right place. Renderforest has large collection of videos templates to choose from. I saw templates and it all awesome. You just choose appropriate template, drag and drop images, videos, write text and is ready. It was easy and final video looked brilliant.

Animation Videos

Select any animation template, on next screen you see animation video ranking and description. Press Create Now. You can add scene, load a preset and type your script. In video editing mode add text, change fonts, set size, text position, matching scenes. You can upload images from media gallery or direct image URL. You can also edit images. You can duplicate, replace and remove scenes. Scene and video duration mention at upper right side. You can undo and redo steps at upper left side. In style setting choose the overall look and feel your animation. Set colors on all scenes. Add music to video. At preview tab, if paid subscription plans then you save project in high quality. If you have free plan, then export in low quality 360p and exporting time is 2 minutes with watermark. While exporting, when your video is in a queue. You don't need to wait to complete video, you can safely leave page anytime and later your projects are save in my videos folder. You can access all your projects at any time and edit them later. You can download, publish and share final video.

Picture said many thing but when you add words and music on it then it's convey your message clearly to the audience. Yes we are talking about videos. If you have a YouTube channel or your website need frequently video content, then Renderforest ready-made video templates will help you. Whether you need business or personal videos, without any technical skills you can make awesome creation very quickly. Large business has own professional IT department. But if you have a small and midsize business (SMB) then Renderforest pre-made videos help you create animated videos very easily and enjoy the premium plans at lowest price, starting from $6.99. Just imagine what you need and then create it in minutes. You don't need to install any software. All the work is online and saved on renderforest cloud machines. So you don't required expensive hardware. You can easily manage it on economical laptop. Your creation is safe in My Projects folders.

Websites with Cloud Hosting

People has good ideas in mind. For these ideas become reality they don't have enough talent. Renderforest see user have facing difficulties so they develop website builder. Pre-made templates which easily handled with intuitive editor. Now start creating a site using ready-made blocks. You have two options, load a template and add component. In both options, features are same but in "load a template" you get brilliant website templates in different categories like marketing and advertising, real estate and construction, tech and app, food and drink, travel, law and finance, education, services and maintenance, health, fashion, sports, portfolio, wedding, religion, charity, music etc. You simply select any template and first see their preview. You have an option to see preview in new tab. Also view in multiple devices like mobile and tablets. When finalize template click apply and start editing. All your work saves in my websites folder. You can rename, duplicate and start editing again from where you left last time. The good thing is you don't need hosting account. Your all files are safely stored in powerful Renderforest cloud storage. So you can save averagely $100 every year.

Website CHAT & Messenger Widgets

In edit mode, at left side bar set text size and fonts, styles of all component, colors, add new pages, rename and delete. In widget section add chats option like LiveChat, jivochat, freshchat, olark and intercom. Easily add messenger in your website to build strong customer relationships! Messenger available in widget setting are Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber. Use one of these messengers or all together to stay connected with your customers.

SEO Settings

In setting icon go to page setting, first select page and write page title, page meta description. In general setting set favicon, Google analytics ID, Facebook pixel ID, social image (This image will appear as a featured image when you share your page on social platforms), website email (Add your business email to receive all the contact form submission emails), cookie consent text and cookie button text (A cookie consent banner is a pop-up that appears on a website upon the user's first visit to the site. Ask for permission to store visitor data in their browser while they are using your site).

In domain setting subscribe to unlock the custom domain feature. If you don't have any plan then your site will be published on free subdomain (renderforestsites) by default. In free version rename the free subdomain.

Setup Renderforest Custom Domain

You can easily connect .com with your Renderforest domain. You can buy cheap but excellent service .com domain and other top level domains from NameCheap account. In domain management click advance DNS and add new record.

Add a new A Record, set host is @ and in value enter IP address
Add a subdomain, set A Record host is "subdomain" and in value enter IP address
Add a new “CNAME” record, write the host name “www” and in value add your website address. TTL setting is Automatic or leave by default setting.

Plus Components

At bottom left side press website templates icon and select website components. Also press "PLUS" button to add more components easily like header, text, call to actions, pricing, testimonials, posts, sliders, videos, music, faq, email form, contacts etc. These are all the components or plugins which any website need and you don't need look outside. Insert images which you insert from media library and also there is lot of stock images. You can redo and undo steps. You can replace your current template components and preview the template at any time and back to editing. When replace website component, all your previous changes will be permanently lost.

When publish site with free plan you get free renderforestsites subdomain. You have only 300MB storage and site shows the Renderforest branding. Your website is save in "My Websites" folder. Here you can also duplicate the entire website.

Make Creative Logo

You need logo for your business brand, but you don't need to lot of time to make a logo. If you don't have any logo design ideas, then with Renderforest online logo generator you can create creative logo in a matter of minutes. Enter your company name, tagline (optional) and description. In style setting, pick one or more logo styles you like. In customize setting, it's gives you many ideas. Select any one logo which you think is best suit your business. Press "Edit and Download". Then in adjust setting set position, icon size and opacity, text size and tagline size. In text setting edit company name and tagline, set letter spacing and font. In color setting fill colors on all objects. In icon setting, change the icon. In mockup mode see your logo on different products. Press download. Your logo is save in "My Logos" folder. You can download it free. After payment you can download in high quality PNG format, vector file SVG format and full design package. You can also choose template to animate your logo.

Online Mockup Generator

Create professional mockups for apparel and any other product to all types of devices. You can select any ready-made mockups. Fill any color on product background. Select image, set right position and download the mockup. Get free version with watermarks. All your exported mockups will be saved in "My Mockups" folder but not free mockups.

Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation is very popular and is the best way to tell stories to audience. Create stories more creatively, more importantly Renderforest offers you free whiteboard animation on any topic like educational whiteboard presentations, corporate whiteboard videos, explainer animation videos and make higher rank on videos website. You are impress with whiteboard animation but don't know how to develop animation. You don't need to join any institution for learning animation. Just choose from 450+ creative scenes, pre-made characters and other tools to make your story. It's suitable for both startups and larger business. In whiteboard animation toolkit, using 500+ animated characters, creative tools you can easily build your story. Press create now and start working free on whiteboard animation. Whether you need our free products to keep going, pivot in a new direction, or build something new. When satisfy with free version then buy plan for professional work.

3D and Cartoon Videos

You see 3d cartoon and want to create own 3d production. You can make easily 3d stories with 3D explainer video toolkit. Browse 3d scenes and add to your project or choose from ready made stories. With Renderforest video online software you can add your own voice in the video. You can also add premium music. Select your preferred transition between the scenes. All the scenes are help you to create final story but you must have a good script for an animation before start working. Without need any external tool you fine tuning the story with the Renderforest tools.

Morethan Videos

There are many sites where you create custom videos, but they provide only videos. At Renderforest packages provide more than videos like make animations, products mockups, website creation etc. So many possibilities, whether your educational requirement, for YouTube channel or any business need, all the solution is in one online software. this is the big reason its Alexa ranks 3,312 in global internet engagement. More than 233,209 Facebook followers, 16.3k Instagram followers, 255.5k monthly Pinterest viewers, 41.3K YouTube subscribers. Their subscription plan start from $6.99 and goes to $49.99, the more you pay, the more storage, video quality and time, commercial music tracks, mockups, premium website with advanced marketing tools you get.

Graphic Design Software

Renderforest graphic design software will help you create high quality social media designs. Posters, flyers, pitch decks, Infographics, tickets, invitations, album cover designs, business cards, brochures, promotional prints etc.

Why Need Custom Videos

Videos are one of the best way to market your brand. You see most of the content on Facebook which is viral, are videos shared by you and your friends. User recall the products, which ads you see on social media platform, in the form of video. Videos convey the message better than images or simple text. If videos is not the part of your marketing strategy then you lose huge of potential money. Consumers watch reviews video before buy anything, so if you have video website or YouTube channel then their is very high chance that user see your product videos and then buy item. This will increase your conversion rate upto 50%. You can easily embed YouTube videos in your website, so you don't need to buy high resources hosting. You can also host video website at the Renderforest.

Facing problems with working with other designers. You spend lots of money on freelancers but don't get the desired results. Now it’s the time to take full control of your products and services videos or blog posts. Renderforest update content regularly, so it’s easier for you to update your site content. If you never created videos before and now searching for super-catchy free videos for your website, Instagram, YouTube channel and Facebook post then you come right place. Create different looks for all of your social media channels. Whether you work online or offline, good presentation is the key of successful business. Market your new ideas and convey the message to the user effectively about your product features, makes help you to increase sale. Without any graphic skills easily create special events videos like Christmas, Easter with professional touch. You can create totally unique promotional videos, YouTube intro maker, whiteboard animations, video slideshows, trailer maker, kinetic typography etc. to help you achieve your marketing targets.

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