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NoviBuilder Review

The main reason for popularity of HTML builder is now user are able to change site layout without the source code. Novi Builder is the online tool that will help you develop your web pages. When you start editing, Novi builder provides you premium features, so you can design your page as you want. In edit mode easily edit, duplicate and add pages then click + symbol and insert a presets into the page. You can right click on any preset and select source code. If you are not being able to set preset design, then in source code you can edit code. Before updates launch, see your site in preview mode. You can work on design mode and edit mode. In edit mode you can change text and page content without write any code. In design mode you have option to enter HTML, CSS, JavaScript code. Also add new presets. Edit mode is better for beginners, you can simply click the buttons and handle all the designs. If you are expert in programming, then design mode is good for you.

It isn’t difficult, large collection of presets. You can easily add post, animated box and text, sliders, background video, banner, call to action, campaign monitor form, carousel, contact form, countdown radial, progress bar, navigation variant, footer variant, gallery, Google map, header variant, iframe, pricing table, services variant, subscribe form etc. As your site needs, all presets could be used multiple times. Select any available presets, simply drag and drop all the elements to the appropriate field, customize it then save project and publish to server with novi builder. It's real-time code editor. Seamless page editing experience, immediately all adjustments superbly visible. It's quicker and more efficient to build online presence for your business with an advanced WYSIWYG editor.

Novi Settings

Let's start building your page by click add new page. In next screen all presets show, click on any preset to add a block. When first block adds, make sure you are in edit mode. Press + button and select other block and similarly add more blocks. Depend on your theme some pages already designed by novi. You can also duplicate the ready-made pages by right click on it and change new page according to your needs. In change resolution setting, see how site look on tablet and mobile (check both portrait & landscape position). In page setting, type page name which is page title, file name like index.html, set home page, upload favicon. In SEO setting type page meta description for ensuring correct information display on search engines. Save the project by pressing the disk icon on top right side. When it’s done, publish the site.

Open main menu and see more settings. You can import and export template or project. Upload all files and images in media library. Use icon in your web page from icon manager. In configuration setting write project name, set image, video, css styles and fonts directory path. Specify special file and code templates for your current project. In SEO settings, generate sitemap. Create robots.txt file and add custom code in robots.txt file. In analytics setting add Google analytics tracking ID, Google Webmaster Tools HTML Tag and Facebook Pixel ID. In general settings change current application language. In security settings, change the password and the system boot options.

Text Editor

Write any text and make your text more readable using novi text editor. Select any line or double-click it and change font and color, change styles like bold, underline, italic, change text align and text case, link any page. You can change the names of menu and buttons as well. The working of the editor is super intuitive. To add content, HTML code, JS code, css code you no longer need to go to a separate page. You can do all the work on current page. Similarly, all the other site settings are available right on the page. If you not be able to change design then go to edit mode, after select text or any other element, right click on it and select source code, then on similar page html code appear and display the exact line section you right click on it. Here you can add html code and change the page design which you can't be able to do in user interface design. Remember to save page before closing the browser.

Media Gallery

You can also create page layouts easily and quickly. Just press CTRL+C for copy page element and paste by pressing CTRL+V on your desire location. Although their preset default looks extremely impressive and attractive but let’s change the gradient on the background. Let’s also change the font, color, alignments, replace the default image and other changes to look more professionals. For replace image in edit mode select image and more icons will appear. Press the replace image icon, this will open the media gallery. Select any image and press insert image. Then set width and height of the image and press insert image again. And in next screen your selected image is showed on the page. You can also select photos from Unsplash directly from your media gallery. This will give you more choice of images. Add new category like if you have online store you create products categories and upload your images. It's a quicker way to find files. You can use it while working on page.

Novi media gallery are not limited by just uploading images, you can crop and reduce images as well. Simply upload website images in media library, right click any image then you can find option of crop image, reduce image, copy link and delete file completely.

You can also upload videos in media library. When you add background video using novi video plugin, then move cursor to the video area and select replace video icon. Then media gallery video section is opens, now change the video in your site.

Lifetime License

You don't need to buy expensive templates anymore or build a website from scratch. Implement your creative ideas using premium drag and drop builder templates with lifetime license. No hidden charges, no limitation, pay one time $149 and join lifetime access to all Novi templates, plugins and updates. Within developer lifetime membership download premium templates free and use as many times as you need. In developer plan you can sell your templates on any third party marketplaces but with the Novi brand name and logo. As a result, you can increase your earning. It's inexpensive way to create any topic site by using novi html editor. Usually other website builder plan is yearly payment. But Novi developer membership give you license to get everything in one-time price. Before buy any subscription or templates, view live demo so you have better idea of how website work. Live demo of Subscription Templates, Live demo of Premium Templates. Their membership plan is in cheap price. Buy single template is expensive. Usually good themes price start from $50+/year. If you get novi advanced plan (cost $49/year) then you get 20+ responsive templates rather than one theme. If you buy single theme and update for five years then it's cost you $250+ but if you get novi developer plan (cost $149) then you work lifetime on your website, access to all Novi plugins, lifetime unlimited projects, lifetime free updates, lifetime developer support, lifetime access to all Novi templates with Novi visual HTML editor.

User Friendly Admin Panel

Despite, HTML5 templates look amazing and responsive, mostly user prefer content management systems (CMS) because it's not required coding skills. If you want to increase functionality of html theme, there are no plugins available for html5 themes, you must know programming language to run html site. So it's difficult to handle html themes. Therefore, HTML templates losing popularity. But this situation changes when Novi Builder come in market. Novi Builder enhance the html template performance. A wide range of web elements and user friendly admin panel, you can easily add new features and plugins in html5 website with novi builder. Installation of new plugins in your website is free. Your static website now become dynamic and more enjoyable. User friendly dashboard handle various process smoothly. You only login, choose a template and start editing.

Must-Have Plugins

There is no need to explain that what's the importance of plugins in website building. The thing which are important, that novi html builder comes with plugins, which user can include on their sites without any extra cost and coding. Novi builder gives you all the plugins which you use to develop website like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Icon plugin, Video JS plugin, swiper slider, social plugins, owl carousel, camera slider, Contact form, Countdown, Google Maps, material parallax etc. You don't need to search plugin on internet, you will get these plugins within novi builder. Even non-techies easily insert plugins or preset into website. You can join novi membership or buy single themes. Novi membership is creating for developer needs in mind. It's cheap way to install premium features.

White Label Service for Web Developers

If you are freelancer and run a web development and designing business then white label service allows you to customize the editor design and use your company logo, slogan and name. You can purchase the service with any plan. In other words, the white label service gives you the ability to re-sell the Novi builder theme under your brand. Starting a web studio now is easy. You don't need a lot of effort, time and high expenses. After purchasing you will receive a complete user’s guide. You just require adjustments in source code and edit the brand file. Re-brand the template and promote it under your company’s trademark.

Ready to Use Templates

Using Novi templates, you can quickly create website. You have lot of choice. It's a good collection of themes. Whether you want to create SEO studio, car website, education theme, personal portfolio, restaurant template, governmental department website, fine artist website, religious site, grocery shop, you can only change text and images. You don't need to buy plugins for your site because all premium novi feature are included in subscription price. Their themes are constantly upgraded. If you buy membership plan, then you get all themes absolutely free plus free updates. Compare Novi membership plan, cheapest option is startup plan. You get one multipurpose HTML template. In advanced it's give you 20+ HTML templates. Both startup and advance plan billed annually. Third plan is developer plan where you get lifetime access to all Novi resources. If you create just one website, then startup & advanced plans suit you. If you are freelancer or web designer, then developer plan will be more suitable for you. Browse all templates and definitely you find new look for your business.

Modern Technology

In the present time website is must require for all companies. Whether you have a small business or large store you need a website to presence online. Especially after coronavirus, requirement of online stores increase. So the businessman searching for easy to use options. They need a website theme which have innovative admin panel, where the user effortlessly builds eye-catching site. Now a days coding is not a big deal, there are many content management system and website builder that facilitates editing and organizing content. But finding a secure way to create website is challenging. With Novi builder users get a secure website building process. The Novi builder team are update the website builder with the modern technology and expand the new features to make the website creation easier. You can see change log which shows, Novi add or update new features on regular basis. In configuration settings, go to system select general and tick the check for updates availability. So you always get the latest website builder version. Novibuilder is another web design choice for both website beginners and professionals.

Disadvantage of Novi Builder

The thing lacking in novi, it's not have own e-commerce system. You need HTML store integration with Ecwid widget. Ecwid have free e-commerce shopping cart but for a premium feature you need to pay ecwid subscription fees. Novi has not is own hosting account. So you buy hosting services. Also domain is not including in novi plan. You'll buy a domain from third party like Namecheap. Get NameCheap Domain Discount.

Free Templates

If you are non-techies, then we know it's really hard to handle website at once. Well you are fortuitous because today I am going to tell non-techies to advanced web developers, about the premium website builder that notably eases you hard web job. The good thing about this website builder is you can try it free without registering account. Check yourself process of creating website using novi website builder, so try Novi Builder free before purchasing plan. You can figure out whether this website builder system work for you or not. Also get Free templates Free Download. Installation process is simple. It’s the same process as uploading any template to your web hosting server. Your novi files are located in the builder folder. See Installation Quick Guide. If you want comfortable work with Novi Builder, ensure your system should meet the requirements. If you face any trouble, then see Documentation.

High Rank in Search Engine

Whether your company need new website or your old web page need new look, the choices are many. A professional web developers team working day and night to improve website builder with unique functionality. In the present era rank high on Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines is very hard. With the help of novi rich features, convert templates in to SEO friendly website. So search engines will just love indexing your new website very quickly. If you still not get rank high then you buy HTML Website Services like search engine optimization service, website template customization services etc. If you are professional web designer who has many projects, we know it's very difficult to manage everyone at once. To easier your life, you are fortunate that the Novi builder ultimate tools now in discount price eases your hard job. The cool thing about Novi builder is you don't pay extra for themes. There premium templates are already included in subscription plan. If you looking for website in budget, then you should consider novi. It's a cost-effective solution.

Customer Service

When working on website builder, if you face any problem then firstly, you can see editor documentation and template documentation. If still problem not solved, then you send message to novi via Contact Us Page. The 24/7 customer service team will help you. You can also submit a ticket. In contact page you also find Facebook community of Novi members link.

Innovative solution

We are living in a time where we no need to specialists for develop awesome site. You can create your business brand site by own. Novi gives you a possibility to insert or change header, navigation bar, buttons, sidebars, footer, add google ads and any content without touching single code. Innovative solution for website building, comes with the most advanced bunch of tools. Now you no need to search for plugins or web functions. It has everything which you search on internet. If you don't find required theme, then you can easily create website using presets. Just play with drag and drop website element and you complete your work in a few hours. Multilanguage support. Amazing website loading speed. Your irreplaceable tool for instant HTML websites creation and maintenance. Novi Builder is a latest visual HTML page builder, which allows you to quickly assemble pages from pre-made blocks and visually edit their content. Use the rich feature of working with your website's source code. Compare to the other website builder in the market, the good thing about novi is their reasonable price. You can more reduce price when use voucher codes. Novi Builder is a great alternate to some other expensive website building services.

Succeed as a Freelancer

While web is grow bigger, many big name in hosting and template business start their own website builder. Big name means price is high. Novi Builder is also launch by the Jetimpex, Inc. The same company which launch TemplateMonster. So you can trust novi builder. Try novi builder free, see live demo of their templates and is not too much expensive. Its bill is much lower than its competitors. Also you don't pay every year, it's one-time price and remember future updates is also including in lifetime membership. Novi number one preference is to keep offering you the tools that you needed to succeed as a freelancer. We want to make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your plan and enjoy access to unlimited themes and so much more! To make the purchasing easy, we’re offering promo codes. As a freelancer your time is save and done projects in little time. Plus, your profit margin is increased because you spend no money on building premium websites for your clients. Bookmark this page and you'll get latest deals.

Another advantage is that it’s make lot less pressure on your host servers. Compare with Wordpress where third party developer plugins you install, which may be incompatible on your hardware. On the other hand, novi builder use their own plugins. So it's need a lot less power and load much faster. Novi builder is a brilliant piece of responsive website design software that supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more. The process of website creation for every tech-savvy now become an effortless solution. You can pay subscription fees with trusted payment methods via credit/debit cards, MasterCard and PayPal. Get the best novi coupon codes and at checkout page don't forget to enter discount code. Let’s kick-start this week with new awesome website with rich features novi editor.

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